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done right The First Time

Have you ever asked yourself this question...

  • Where do I start?
  • What will it cost?
  • How long will it take?
  • What will it look like when it's done?

These are the questions that should be answered before you ever spend a single dime. With over 30 years of experience I have designed and built many home improvement projects and each time take into account the specific needs and wants of the customer.


Regardless of your preferences or selections, we can create and build a room that you will be proud to show off and can't wait to cook in!

Here are some important guidelines for Kitchen Remodeling:


You must first decide how much workable space you have for your new kitchen. Are you planning on utilizing the existing layout, can we move walls or build on an addition.


Once we know our plan and available space let’s now create the design. This all starts with your ideas. How do you want your kitchen to flow? What are the things you must have? Once we determine a general direction we will draw up your ideas on paper.


One of those things that you really don’t see but if not done correctly can be of major consequence to your project. Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC and Low Voltage all must be laid out and planned so your kitchen works as efficiently as you do.


Now we get into the fun stuff. The appliances that you choose have a direct affect on how the kitchen will get laid out and how the mechanic’s will be done. So before we can go on to the next step this needs to be decided.


Here is where we really start to show your personality in your kitchen. Costs can vary a lot when shopping for cabinets. For example: stock vs. custom made, species of wood, painted vs. stained, door styles and a multitude of accessories that can be build into the cabinet.


Formica ... Solid Surface ... Granite’s and Quartz. These are some of the materials to choose from and within those choices there are many variations.

Tile, Lighting, Plumbing Fixture are some of the remaining items that you will have to incorporate into your mix.


Bathrooms require both utility and allurement and are an area of your home that begin and culminate your bustling schedule. With so many selections to choose from, we will help you put together the perfect bathroom "getaway".


Board Room Designs uses a blueprint of elegance when finishing a basement. Start utilizing that lost space in your home by building a modern "comfort zone". Why not let us finish that home project you started long ago.

Specialty Woodworking

Board Room Designs Ltd. offers a variety of different ways to enhance the look of your home. Whether it's redoing entire rooms or adding to an existing look, trim can be one of the most cost effective and simplest ways to do it.

There are so many options when it comes to choosing the right trim. Crown molding, baseboard, casing and chair rails all come in a variety of profiles and can be used not only as individual pieces but layered and combined with each other to create a totally different look and feel.

In addition to trim we can design and create to your specifications that perfect entertainment center, car, bookcase and even libraries. The one thing that will hold you back is your imagination and we won't let that happen.

Crown Molding

Fills the space where your walls meet the ceiling. Creating your design is the best part of this molding. Style’s and size’s options are endless.


Create a door opening that you want to stop and stare at. Wide casing, Door Heads, Rosettes and Plinth Blocks are a few of the many ways to enhance your doors and windows.


It may be at floor level but selecting the right size and style to complement your other moldings can sure finish a room.

Chair Rail

This molding design is usually placed on your wall 32” to 36” off your finished floor. Not only is it another level of trim design but also allows you options in your painting scheme.


A material that covers the lower part of the walls in a room. Here once again you have much option ranging from bead board to raised panels and a whole lot of options in-between.


Custom made for any size space. Add sinks, refrigerators, granite tops, just about any thing you can think of to make it a gathering place you will be proud of.

Wine Cellars, Entertainment Centers, Bookcases, Library's, and more ...

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